The Final Chapter in the Annual Alumni Football Game

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The 7th and Final Chapter in the Annual Battle For The Bridge Football Game is on August 19th, 2017 at Hillsboro Stadium. Proceeds from this game will benefit cystic fibrosis research via the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation of Oregon. After 2017 our football game is going on hiatus for a while as we will be focusing on other events to promote CF awareness in the future such as a softball tournament, expanding our golf tournaments, 5K/10K run, etc. The football game will return in the future however, timing will depend upon player demand, facility and vendor availability. Over the past 7 years, with your help, we’ve raised over $130,000 for Cystic Fibrosis and it all started with an alumni football game and we expect that this year’s finale will go out with a bang.

Who can play?
This game is open to alumni of West Linn and Oregon City High Schools and non-alumni (ages 18 and over) who wish to play for a great cause. Our goal to maximize our fundraising and player enjoyment is to recruit 60 players for each team.

How do I sign up?
Players can sign-up through eventbrite. The cost to play is $100; part of the cost is to pay our vendor for equipment while the remaining is donated for cystic fibrosis research.

However, the cost to play in the game will be waived if players obtain event sponsorships. More details to come.

Is this a live football game?
Yes, this is a full contact football game with the following features:

  • Players receive pads through our vendor and CF Supporter Alumni Athletics USA on the day of the game.
  • Practices will be without pads. Each team determines their own practices schedule. Practice Dates & Times will be shown on the Battle For The Bridge website.
  • The game will consist of 12 minute quarters (as with high school) and have the following additional regulations to provide safety during the charity game:
    • Blitzing is not allowed. Only Four down defensive linemen can rush. They are declared prior to the snap with their hand touching the ground.
    • There will be no kick-off or kick-off return featured in the game. Opening possessions and possession changes after touchdowns will take place on the 25 yard line.
    • Rushing on Extra Points (PATs) are not allowed.

So this game is themed based off of the West Linn-Oregon City Rivalry; why is the game being held in Hillsboro?

We are having the game in Hillsboro so we can utilize our facilities to maximize fundraising for cystic fibrosis. Some of the features that players and supporters have requested are to feature tailgating, beer gardens, and a venue to give the play-off feel.

I am an older alumni and would love to play in the game. However, could we could restrict some time exclusively for OC and WL “senior upperclassmen” to battle it out?

We’ve heard your feedback and there will be some time dedicated to our most senior players in the game. More details will provided soon.

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